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Conscious Money Collective

Create a Healthy Flow of Money from Doing what you Love! We are a Collective of Conscious & Sensitive Leaders who are committed to lead humanity into a new future where Love wins over Fear and we experience Ease & Sustainability instead of Burnout.
"Not only is what Analena teaches and shares incredibly life changing, but Analena herself is truly magical. She has helped me time and time again (as well as my clients) to honor myself, what I need, how I operate and make aligned choices for myself and my business. She’s the real deal when it comes to Human Design; incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft."

Christina Popovic

Curious about my Human Design?

Profile: 2/4
Authority: Sacral
Type: Manifesting Generator
Incarnation Cross: RAX of the Sphinx
Channels: 14-2, 21-45, 57-34